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PPE & Condominium management

Just like a sheet music; the management of a PPE must be harmonious and regular. Punctuated by key moments that we maintain.


  • The first stage is that of the general assemblies

  • Secondly, the implementation of actions, ordering of works and verification of the execution of the craftsmen

  • Thirdly, we prepare the next actions to be submitted or projects.

  • Finally, we close the season with the closure of the accounts as well as the preparation of the budgets which will be submitted during the next assemblies.

We pay great attention to the management of the PEPs entrusted to us as well as listening to all our co-owners.

A regular contact, a professional follow-up, an attentive and benevolent technical look accompany nos daily procedures.

The accounts are kept by a fiduciary and the cost is included in our management fees. This guarantees our customers that accounts in separate cash be  rigorously maintained and controlled.

Our technical approaches as well as our actions in connection with energy progress guarantee the optimization of buildings.

At last, il we  is important to keep in touch with our constituents throughout  throughout the year in addition to the annual meeting. Indeed, we want to stay close to our customers and enjoy visiting the residences under management several times throughout the year. 

Do not hesitate to ask us for a estimate  for the management of your residence.

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